Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Uncharted 2 event - the spoils

After failing twice to make it to the round 2 team tournament, I decided to leave the Uncharted 2 event early. But not without taking home a surprise bonus that was given to everyone that attended - a grab bag that not only contained an Uncharted 2 T-Shirt, but a copy of the game a full week before its release! How cool is that??

And to many people's delight, Naughty Dog's Creative Director behind both Uncharted titles Amy Hennig was there to greet the audience and narrate over live Uncharted 2 gameplay on Sony's 4K digital projection screen. I was able to quickly snag her autograph, as well as get a picture with her in front of the limited-edition dagger display at the Embarcadero theater.

And yes, her autograph is there twice. The first one was at the corner, but that got covered up by the instructional manual clip. She was happy to sign the other, more centered autograph for me, though.

While I had no good questions to give, I exclaimed how welcoming playing online was, and that the gameplay was well rounded so that anyone would have a good time. She was glad to hear that, saying that she wants people to enjoy playing online and "not take it so fucking seriously." Thank you again, Amy, for making me less afraid of online play.

And yes, I can't smile worth shit in that photo.
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