Monday, June 7, 2010

Gameritis attending E3 2010

It's nearing the magical time of the year where the game industry's best come out to reveal what they have in store for the new year - E3 2010! And again, I'll be covering the floor as much as possible this year. Only this time, I'll have more than a silly Blackberry and Twitter account to report my findings. Well, there may be still be Blackberry posts here and there (for when I can't whip out a laptop), but no Twitter this time. I'll try to remain ever vigilant in keeping posts coming both here and Akiba-Station, so please think of me as your inside E3 man.

Like last year, I'll be accepting questions you want me to ask on the showroom floor to whatever company reps I can find, so please post them on the Akiba-Station post that will be up shortly. Let me know which vendor I should ask, and what question you want me to ask. Please limit questions to one per post...I don't want to see full surveys of questions from each person. And real questions, not childish stuff like "Why do your games suck" and "When will you make a game I'll actually buy", k?

Still don't know what Akiba-Station is? Check it out in the Links section today!

As for any Gameritis faithfuls, you can send me your questions at, with the subject "E3 2010 question."
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