Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No E3 attendance this year, possibly ever

From 1999-2006 and 2009-2011 (conveniently missing the downsizing), I've been fortunate enough to attend and cover the happenings going on in E3, traversing the ground floor to provide an attendee's point of view on everything shiny and new.  And while I had already applied for my pass this year just because I could, I knew deep down that I would not partake in the festivities.  I have spawned a little one of my own recently, and I intend to care for her and nurture her - mold her, if you will - in my ways.

And despite not being at the yearly gaming mecca that is E3 in LA, I am somewhat relieved.  It's probably because of the many times I've attended E3 in the past that I've been jaded of everthing - of the large crowds, the long waits in lines, and the concert-like mob scenes that frequent around PR folk that toss free swag to the masses.  Being a spectator viewing the press events on TV now, after all these years, is something I can appreciate even more.

Who knows.  Maybe I won't attend E3 ever again.  Not because of my newborn daughter, but because I've lived that part of my life.  I'm less naive than I was back then.  In its core, E3 is an industry event, one where it's a business to prove to everyone else that they still have what it takes to make great games.  You tend to forget that everyone out there is vying for your attention, whether you give it or not.  It is video-game overload in the best and worst sense, and it can both entertain and wear you out physically and mentally.  But in the end...in the very end...I've had a great run.  Not many people in my position can say they've attended a yearly video-game event 11 times, and every time I've enjoyed every minute of it.  Now, I am content in enjoying the games that I want to enjoy, not what the press wants me to enjoy.

It's good to take the backseat this year, and just bask in its glory.
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