Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Analog Gaming: Not all games needs to be on TV

I've played video games for a number of years, from the Atari 2600 days to today, and while the medium has evolved multiple times right before our eyes, it still is just fidgeting fingers on a controller while watching TV. There's a certain detachment from society whenever people play video games, much like how social games on Facebook are anything but, sitting in front of a PC monitor mindlessly clicking on buttons. While today we play a lot of multiplayer games, we're often not with multiple physical bodies in the same room.

What ever happened to the times when people didn't need a console to connect to people for fun, when others didn't need to pay a monthly charge to participate in an online group romp? I can't remember the last time we even played an entertaining game without the aid of electronics, or something where everything involved constant awkward social interactions, like charades or Twister.

With a new child in my life, my priorities as a gamer have changed slightly. A family dynamic demands more family time, and what better way to prepare for that social medium with a nice huddled group for board games?

But gone are the days of Monopoloy, Scrabble, or The Game of Life. No, I want something with a bit more depth, something with a nice theme or mechanic that's fresh and new. Thankfully, there are plenty of games to choose from.

I could...defend a castle from surrounding orcs as they attack from all sides...

...or stop deadly viruses from plaguing the entire world...

...or join a group of heroes in a dungeon to kill enemies and loot for treasure.

The way I see it, board games are much more tangible than video games, making social interaction the center of attention in every session. It's something I hope to highlight during these Analog Gaming segments.
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