Sunday, August 10, 2014

How do YOU board game?

Earlier this week, I talked about rediscovering my passion for board games, and breathed new life into the #IBoardgame hashtag (I won't take credit for birthing it, since it appears it's been around before me.) If you haven't checked out the article, give it a read. It's good, really!

Now I want to see YOUR passion.

By now you've seen me post a few sample pics on Twitter (@GameritisGuy). If not, you can check them out here.

Basically, I want you guys to be creative and clever, and tell me how YOU boardgame! Just attach your creation (image/video) with the hashtag #IBoardgame and unleash it! If you don't use Twitter, feel free to share your creation with me at! I will take all submissions and create a gigantic love letter video to board gaming, and share it on my channel!

Of course, it goes without saying that all submissions should be clean, not obscene. I have the right to not include submissions I feel are inappropriate - but you guys are generally awesome, so I need not worry! If you plan to do a video submission, know that there will be music playing, so sound from the clip will be negligible. All I really ask for in all submissions is the use of the #IBoardgame hashtag, so have fun!!

So, in short:

All submissions

  • Nothing terribly rude or crude. I have the right to not include if I feel it's not right.
  • Please include the hashtag #IBoardgame in some clever form or another.

Video submissions

  • Something short is desired, so that I can fit a lot of submissions (here's hoping!) and not have a ridiculously-long video. 
  • Sound is negligible, since the final product will have music in the background.

And no, it's no coincidence that I'm starting this right before Gen Con. I'm hoping there will be some AWESOME submissions in the coming days!

So, please share this with anyone who's interested in participating! I'll set a tentative due date of September 15th for now, so you guys have a month to show me how you boardgame!

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