Monday, March 28, 2016

A Blogging Test

Hello, folks!

Just thought I'd try something new here for a change. You see, this blog's been running for some time now (jeez, 2007??), and only recently has it mostly shifted gears towards board games. However, the lack of consistency is deteriorating, and it shows.

A little more than a year ago, I participated in my own version of NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month for November - and called it NoBloMo, or November Blogging Month. During that month, I did my best to blog something - anything - at least once a day during that month, and I was mostly successful. You can check out my entire archive here.

While my busy schedule prevents me from posting as frequent as that, it did provide me with some great lessons in getting my content out faster and braving it out. However, trying to compile consistent content with limited time on a daily basis strains the quality of my articles, and I don't like useless blog clutter. I love writing out some long, meaty pieces that I spend my time editing until I get it right.

Which is why I'm attempting a compromise this week (at least). From Monday through Thursday, I'm going to free-write anything I choose, and post it by the end of the day. Then on Friday, I'm throwing out a heavy piece that I spent much more time on, to wrap up the week. It's a format that still is taxing, but it allows me to still work on well-thought-out articles while hopefully posting some fun and quirky content in-between. I've been working on some large pieces for some time, and I hope to give them the space they require to be fully written. In the meantime, the shorter posts preceding those will pace and hone my skills.

Now, this is still a test. There's a high chance I may miss a post or two, or that the "filler" articles are too much fluff. That's okay. If it's something that impedes my work or is unmaintainable, I'll scrap it and figure something out. But I have high hopes for this, and hope you guys enjoy the ride. might want to buckle your seat belts.

Hm? There are none? OH WELL HOLD ON
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