Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Blogust #2: What GenCant Means to Me

Like previous years, I'll be participating in GenCant, the best four days of gaming for those that can't make it to GenCon, the best four days of gaming. But can I address something?

While the clever pun may have originated from highlighting people that can't attend GenCon, I think GenCant outgrows that backstory each year, blossoming into something beautiful every time. Sure, all attendees are people that can't physically attend GenCon, but then again there are countless board game conventions that we are missing all the time. And while we can't attend many of these conventions, we're all still board gamers in our own respect. We add to our game collections, host our own game nights, visit our own Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGSs), and contribute in some way - any way - to the spectacular board game community worldwide.

But the best part of GenCant, I think, is the co-existant marriage of it with GenCon. It's in no way inclusive or exclusive to any one event. Able to make it to GenCon? Hooray, you're in GenCon! Can't make it to GenCon? Hooray, you're in GenCant! And with online board gaming sites and apps allowing people all over the world to board game with each other, you're always in the company of a wonderful community that's up for any game. There's no discomfort being in either group, and no rules saying you can't be in both. Both have such positive energies and outputs that being in either one is guaranteed a great time!

To me, it has evolved beyond the inability of attending GenCon into an extravagent gathering of people who just enjoy board games until their head explodes. And that's remarkable. So remarkable. Seeing people post about GenCant and all the games they're playing with friends (or themselves, at times) just shows me how alive and enthusiastic board gamers are overall, and who doesn't want more of that?

Yes, it's called "GenCant." Yes, I can't make it to GenCon. Until recently, I associated it with the sadness for longing to be at GenCon. But now? I'm fine. Because I'm not alone. I'm never alone. And the people with me are incredible.

So, whether I'm a GenCant-er or GenCon-er, I'm a board gamer first and foremost. And I'm proudly celebrating board games with every meeple I got.

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