Thursday, August 30, 2007

Peer Pressure, Sony style...

I admire Sony. Really, I do. Hell, I thank them for all the great RPGs I have played in the past. And, to be quite honest, I didn't think they had a good chance when they first came out with the original Playstation. So how come I feel like they're painting me into a corner with their whole "oh-noes, our PS3 60GB system is gone from the warehouses, so buy the rest out in stores" scare?

There are several reasons why I didn't buy the PS3 from the start, with the obvious one being that it would make my wallet $600 lighter. Another reason was the games that came out. I didn't feel that any game irked me strong enough to warrant a system purchase, what with all the publishers taking the "release on all systems" approach. Also, I'm not an active "media-format war" fanatic - I like to see who stands after the dust settles, and then accept the victor. Call me anything you want, but that's how I handle my decision-making.

True, I don't have an XBox 360 either, but, with the way things are panning out, I'm more inclined to purchase that system over the PS3. I know a few people who own 360s, so I would have no problems finding people I can play with (yeah, I know...random online players, but I'm not a big fan of online. That's for another day, though...), and I only know one person with a PS3. One.

What's that, Sony? The 60GB version has an Emotion Chip, and the 80GB version won't? Backwards compatibility done by software and whatnot? Meh. Seriously, I still have my PS2, and am not going to trade it in to trade or something. Hell, I even got the PS2 Slim as well, only because I like the size and that it would make my entertainment center look more sleek.

Oh, the Blu-Ray player addition is cheap compared to the stand-alone Blu-Ray players? I'm sure it is. But that's not a game, is it? More like a feature, and we all know how you love your features. I don't mind my movies, but I have my DVD player already, and if you think I want to spend more money on a different (and universally undecided) format, think again!

Am I banning the thought of a PS3 purchase? Absolutely not! In trying to be true as a gamer, I welcome anything that will give me good games, and eventually Sony will release some good
games that may sway me closer to that PS3 purchase. But until then, I'm keeping my money close and my games closer.

I'll tell you what's really making my fingers twitch...this.
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