Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fighting game completion with Backloggery

Not long after my short gripe on games I've yet to complete, a friend sends me this site called Backloggery that keeps track of all the games you own, as well as the status of their completion. Although interesting, I was hesitant at first creating my list of long-forgotten titles once great in their time.

But when I found out I could add games that I've already completed, my morale boosted a little as I added any games I've beaten in recent memory.

However, I stopped after a couple of completed entries. The purpose of this site is to motivate you to complete games, not to boast what you have, or what you've done. Sure, there are people out there that exploit that to a degree of defiance, lording over others as if it meant something. But that's not you. At least, not yet.

Personally, I think my list is moderately adequate, all things considered. And it's nice to have an online list to keep tabs on everything you play. Plus, there's no massive game database list to look things up - all you need to add yourself is the game's title, and the rest is just selection descriptions.

Which makes this option technically valid:

Game: Your Mom
Status: Mastered
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