Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Zero Punctuation review: Fable 2

I think this week's game review has become one of my favorites. Yahtzee's back this week, this time reviewing the, upgrade of Fable, Fable 2. Now with more dog!!

I think the non-linear aspect of Fable just turned me off in general. To know that you can just do more random shit than just play the game is fine and dandy when you find that out on your own...but when the back of the box tells you you can, it suddenly doesn't seem so appealing before. I'll give an example - playing Little Big Planet is great fun when you can create anything, but becomes less fun if the box specifically says "you can create penis-filled levels!"

Besides, who would want to get married in a video game? It's not even close to being real, unless you have a weird fetish for polygon characters.
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