Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nintendo DSi and Rhythm Heaven have arrived!

So I may have overlooked blogging about my excitement for the Nintendo DSi, but if you guys haven't heard, the system just came out this past Sunday.

Seeing as my DS Lite has seen some wear-and-tear around the edges and controls, as well as becoming less responsive on the touch screen, I think it was time for an upgrade.

Should you fork over extra money for the latest iteration of the dual-screen portable? I think the best gauge at if you should buy it would be relative to how long ago you purchased the DS Lite. For me, it was a day one purchase, and it's certainly seen its share of awesome games in the past, well worn throughout. If you made a DS Lite purchase not too long ago, then I probably suggest waiting it out a few more months to dive into a purchase.

Diving in, I tried out the one feature I was really looking forward to - swapping games without turning the system off. I hated having to constantly power-down the system just to change games. Now, it's just a matter of pressing the Power button to return to the system's OS and swap out the cart for another.

Of course, there are a slew of new features on the device to mess around with, including the slightly larger screens, dual cameras, and the DSiWare shop. But I'll fiddle with those features soon enough.

Released at the same time was the game Rhythm Heaven as well. I'll simply describe it as a vacation from games like Ouendan or Elite Beat Agents. Expect a review of the game shortly at Akiba-Station!
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