Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zero Punctuation catch-up: Final Fantasy XIII

This week we're playing "Lazy Wednesday" catch-up, as I post up about 4 weeks of missed review posting. And now...Final Fantasy XIII.

Surprise, surprise, Yahtzee doesn't like the JRPG that is Final Fantasy XIII. But before you take your ridiculously-huge cosplay sword and take a swing at his head, consider this: it IS a Final Fantasy game. You've only played, oh, the same game 12 other times at least, just in slightly different flavors. Is it any surprise that people would criticize this franchise?

But for the first time, I believe that I may be able to finally finish a Final Fantasy game with Final Fantasy XIII, which is both a good and bad thing. Good obviously being the fact that I'll finish one of these lenghty ordeals, but bad being that it's a Final Fantasy game. You see, these games were built on the foundation of nerds that have endlessly grinded their time away just to inch their levels up just to make battles shorter and easier; Final Fantasy does not. Which bodes well for me, seeing that I don't have the luxury of time nor youth to spend mindlessly playing through the same dungeon over and over again just to gain +2 points attack after a level up.

Whatever the case, if you're a fan of the series, you won't mind the XIII iteration. If you're NOT a fan - or you're Yahtzee - then stay away from it and go play something else.

NSFW below, so enjoy!
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