Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zero Punctuation catch-up: God of War III

This week we're playing "Lazy Wednesday" catch-up, as I post up about 4 weeks of missed review posting. And finally, we come to God of War III.

I think by now, the whole game's plot is quite ambivalent. Kratos is pissed at the gods, and wants to kill them, the end. All I want to do is just slaughter hoards of enemies with my two chain blades stuck on my arms. That, and see how tiny I can be against the mondo-humongo boss battles I'll encounter the third time.

At this rate, I think Kratos is running out of ways to kill. Decapitate a head...yawn. Tear their bodies in two...meh. Chop off their limbs and beat them with it...been there, done that. Pretty soon, Kratos would have to jump into one of these monsters' homes and slaughter their yet-to-be-born mini-minions just to get us to say "that's fucked up, even for Kratos!"

Anyways, this marks the final catch-up before tomorrow's new Zero Punctuation. Hopefully I won't be quite as backlogged in the future as I was this week.

NSFW below, so enjoy!
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