Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's out, so I'm ready to rock out.

Now that the stringed Squier Stratocaster is actually in my possession, I'm intimidated. My early years of Guitar Freaks, my days with Guitar Hero, and my many months with Rock Band are meaningless to the real thing. There's no comparison - no more buttons, flicking a poor-excuse-for-a-string plastic bar, and wailing on the solo buttons.

And despite the $279.99 price, my guitar-playing friends assure me that the price is still decent for a Fender guitar, let alone one that is compatible with Rock Band 3. You can't help, however, that the absence of the Midi Pro Adaptor (another $40) was done on purpose to keep the price point below $300.

I'm now moments away from realizing that all my expert mode scores with a plastic guitar will mean shit now. But I'm gonna at least get a poor score on a real guitar.

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