Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Portal 2 (and Steam copy) arrives promptly

Not long after I finished the first Portal, Portal 2 one arrives at my doorstep today.  And because it's a PS3 copy, a free copy on Steam is inside as well!

I'm probably one of the last amongst my friends to acquire a Steam account, and I have to say, the service is nice and refreshing.  Not only do you don't have to deal with the excess cardboard clutter one usually deals with for computer games, but everything's associated to your online account.  It's nice to know that my games are still with me when I change hardware.

Plus, with the added benefit of playing with other Steam players through my PS3 game, I can choose my preference of control.  That being said, finishing Portal re-introduced me back to the ol' "keyboard and mouse" control scheme that I'm now on the fence.  Though, if I ever feel like changing back and forth, at least my game saves to the Steam cloud, so I don't have to be playing both games concurrently to play catch-up.
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