Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 2011: Month in Review

This month of December has been quite a busy one, one where I haven't even had time to post anything on my blog for nearly the entire month.  But I guess the only thing I can blame is my PS3.

While I've come to terms that my old game saves were unrecoverable, I underestimated the time it would take me to recover my PS3 to a playable system again.  For instance, the Rock Band 3 songs that I've downloaded in the past became a much more labored chore than I thought, and I discovered first-hand how difficultly frustrating the download list can be when it sporadically updates as you scroll through the list.

Even popping in old games where I've downloaded many updates in the past is an ordeal, since now I need to download all the updates again all at once.  This was most apparent when my friend decided to play some Uncharted 2 multiplayer and I had to download 9 updates at once.  Guess I got a lot to look forward to when I pop in Little Big Planet 2.

Because of this, I've been mostly isolating my time between Uncharted 3 and Batman: Arkham City.  Don't get me wrong, both games are absolutely fun to play and are fun to play again and again.  But I've almost tunnel-visioned my way with these two games to avoid the extra work I need to worry with my other games.

As of this point, I believe I've re-downloaded all my Rock Band 3 songs, and, thanks to my stats saved separately on Harmonix's servers, my scores are still all up there.  Locally, however, I've had to re-create my character and my career goals are reset to zero once again.  But I think I've settled now with my current situation, and I should be rolling in a few more blog posts before the year's end.
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