Saturday, December 31, 2011

Games Get! December in new games!

In an effort to quell my post counts before the year's end, here's a lump of new games acquired in the month of December.

ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection

These games are just pure living, interactive art.  For them to get the high-def treatment done right gives these aesthetic PS2 classics a prominent place amongst the triple-A titles currently on the PS3.  This is an absolute must-have on the Sony console.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

After my initial impressions from E3, I had reservations for Skyward Sword and inadvertently media-blocked any information on the game until its release.  With the only knowledge that people were content with the motion controls, I got the game and am just thoroughly pleased.  I think the next picture said it all.


Super Mario 3D Land

If there's any constant in video games, it's that any Super Mario platformer game can be great in its own right, and Super Mario 3D Land does not disappoint.  With top-notch level design and smart use of 3D combined with classic solid gameplay, Super Mario 3D Land is another feather in Nintendo's cap.

Dance Central 2

Like Rock Band 3, Dance Central 2 allows me to appear like I know how to dance when I don't know how to.  Add to that simultaneous 2-player action, and I've got myself a game to play with Mrs. GameritisGal, which is always a plus!

Mario Kart 7

I personally think Mario Kart DS was the pinnacle of all Mario Kart games, but Mario Kart 7 appears to have trumped that.  With the ability to remove items from multiplayer matches and the use of lobby codes instead of friend codes, Mario Kart 7 still continues to improve on the kart-racing formula.
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