Monday, August 20, 2012 this what I think it is??

I'm already freaking out here at what I believe may be the small teaser to an actual sequel to one of my most favorite games to come out of Square Enix, The World Ends With You!! The game back then (now more than 4 years ago since I 100% the entire storyline) was such a well-crafted game for a non-Final-Fantasy title from Square Enix. Definitely for the multi-tasker ADD person in mind, The World Ends With You was a strong departure from the typical sword and armor faire, making the real world the setting for this modern-day RPG. This, along with many other strong points, made TWEWY such a fan favorite, even warranting its characters a special appearance in the latest Kingdom Hearts game, Dream Drop Distance. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the character designer for both games is the same - Tetsuya Nomura.

The countdown is set to end around August 27th, and you can be sure I'll be there at the ready!!
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