Thursday, September 13, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land...finished!!

I under-estimated this game. I seriously didn't think Super Mario 3D Land was much of a challenge at all. Arriving at the last level with 100+ lives in reserve, I thought to myself, "I didn't really die at all." After this, however, is when I realized where people said it becomes a challenge. Once you finish the game, the number of levels double, and the second batch are crazy variants of past levels. It's these levels that saw my lives count drop one by one.

While I've been completing these new levels, I find myself now actually taking breaks in-between worlds, just to catch my breath. One of the more clever variants starts you off with only 30 seconds left on the timer, and you only earn more time by either 1) collecting timer icons or 2) defeating enemies who give you 10 seconds each. Add to that the ever-present collecting of the 3 big coins in each level, and you're now in a frantic speed run with no brakes.

Most variants are just that - additional enemies, different platform layouts, and overall "what the fuck" placements that will have you nearly throwing your system against the wall. But it's this hidden gem of a reward that makes Super Mario 3D Land an absolute must play.
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