Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Lego Atari. A LEGO ATARI!!

I'm such a huge fan of lego, and have always been fascinated with the creations talented artists create on their own. The first time I checked out Chris McVeigh's site, it was when he created the question block ornament out of lego (which you can still purchase the kit for here). It's been a while since I checked out his site, but I returned there recently to find what you see above.

Yes, that's right. That's the Atari 2600. That's his first console, and, for me, it's my first as well. All that detail, all that retro goodness!! Want a copy for it yourself? You can purchase the kit here!

And if you don't like video game consoles, he also has a variety of other classic technology lego tributes as well, as well as some keen ornaments for the holidays in his store!

Did I also mention he's a great photographer? Check out his prints here as well!
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