Monday, November 18, 2013

Another PS4 Post

Might as well state the obvious, but I've procured my PS4 system on release, and have been playing it since. Rather than do any unboxing video or pictures of me holding my system, I'd rather say what I did upon opening it. Because seriously, who wants to read another boring post of someone detailing everything you already know from other articles?

That's It?

Lessee...setup was a breeze. Power, HDMI cable, and turn the system on. System update? Okay...done? Let's sign in to my account and...well, that was simple.

PlayStation Plus Benefits

I bought the game Knack to play, and thought that was the only game I'll be playing. Let's see what else is in the store. with PlayStation Plus? Sure! Resogun and Contrast, in my library! Ah, Flower, PS4 edition, for free since I bought the PS3 version? Downloaded! Blacklight: Retribution, Warframe, and DC Universe Online? Well, I'll download the first two...

Hi, Friends!

So, with my account logged in, I can see people playing games and such. What's this? I can have people share real names? That's a relief. Saves me the trouble of remembering who's who. And a little personal page of people's activities, like a Pintrist of sorts? That's nifty.

Share and Share Alike

Resogun is a nostalgic kickback to Atari 2600's Defender, saving humans while defeating enemies in a horizontal landscape. I wonder how easy it is to shar-oh! Screenshot? Nice! It would give my newly-revived twitter account some more activity. And I can stream my feed through Twitch? Gonna have to try that out!


I know I keep throwing out this whole "being a working father and having little time to spend" thing all the time, but I'm surprised myself at how much time I've spent playing my PS4 and tinkering with the little things. It's like you're playing with your favorite toy, and then suddenly finding a hidden compartment that has a bunch of cool little things that accessorize your favorite toy. Plus, finding a game that reminds you of Defender from the Atari 2600 days? That's gold in my book!
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