Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Thanksgiving/Black Friday Week Tidbits

Hi, everyone! Hope people had some good food and deals during this past holiday weekend! I just want to spend some time going over what I want to talk about this week.

Flicking Dice

Cube Quest has landed in my home. Will I get a chance to play it? Or will my daughter lose all the dice first? Let's find out! I will say, however, that their customer service is superb.

Freedom: The Underground Railroad

A Kickstarter board game I funded a while back, I'll be receiving my copy tomorrow. Here's hoping I can irk out a solo play soon of this game.

Gaming on the Go - Zelda: A Link to My Past

I've been playing the game for a few hours now, and it's just like a warm hug every time I play it. So warm...

The Crafty Gamer - DIY Projects for Board Gamers

Something I've started doing on the side, because who wouldn't want a nice dice tray to roll dice onto?

Yes, this is a cop-out for a post, but I want to give myself a checklist to see what I can crank out. A "Gaming on the Go" post, two "Analog Gaming" posts, and a crafts post. Time to write a lot!

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