Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Posts This Week

It's been 10 days into December already...which means only 2 more weeks of shopping for gifts!

Analog Gaming Update

Sorry for the lack of posts about Cube Quest and Freedom: The Underground Railroad. I've actually run across some product issues, and I've sent emails to both companies for resolution. The rubber mats that come with Cube Quest got some unflattenable folds, so I'll be getting replacements for those soon. And I have a ripped card in Freedom, which is probably the only blemish in an otherwise quality product. I can't wait to try both of them out soon, and get some post about them, but until then, this week's Analog Gaming will be based on another game I own.

Merry Holidays

And before I forget, it's the season of giving (or, at least, that's what all the marketers want people's mindsets to be in), but with lots of friends, you're looking at an expensive season. Why not get some great gifts at a reasonable price? I'll be doing a post of games that would make the perfect stocking-stuffer for the gamer in your life!

Another DIY

Last week, I posted about making your own dice trays. This week, I'm actually making one as a Christmas gift for someone, but I want to still post about it and be discreet about it. I'll just drop one picture for you guys.

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