Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And while I'm on the pet peeve wagon...

Don't be surprised. Yes, it's "lazy Wednesday," and yes, typically these posts have no meat on 'em. But I must get this open letter off my chest, since it involves my favorite video game reviewer Yahtzee AND it correlates to my "revealing spoilers" rant yesterday.

Dear video game blogs,

Don't blatantly exploit his jokes all over your post when posting his weekly reviews.

Thank you.

Ever since I started spreading Yahtzee's love around my blog and imploring everyone to check out his other reviews, I never once grabbed a joke from his review to sell a post. Yahtzee appeals to people all on his own, and shouldn't be patronized. He shouldn't be resorted to half-assed postings trying to get a snicker from his own material. That's like the first step to becoming a stand-up comedian.

Having said that, here's his review on Mass Effect. Is it funny? Check it out yourself - I'm not gonna hold your goddamn hand.
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