Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The best gift this holiday season: Player 2

The Christmas season is upon us, and nothing reminds us more of the merry season than the insipid countdown of shopping days left as you panic on what gifts to get your loved ones. Sometimes, however, the best gifts are the ones that cannot be bought by money. Here's my gift suggestion for this festive occasion: become their "Player 2."

With all the dinner gatherings and family reunions, it's sometimes frightening to gamers who constantly play online to be around so many people at once. This apprehension can be eliminated, though, with the simple gesture of offering to play a game with someone. To the "gifters," do not be alarmed if the gamer is initially shy at first; countless hours of online gaming may have affected their ability to assembly full sentences, and they may not maintain eye contact very well. To the gamers, do not be scared at the gifter's peace offering to play games with you; they merely want to do something fun, unlike having their cheeks tortured by relatives or being wrangled to help clean up around the house.

Oh, and gamers? One more thing to remember - the person you're playing with can see you. So please...don't be a dick.

Happy Holidays, everyone!
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