Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I give you exhibit B

In a small continuation of my previous post, I present you a simple comparison shot between two shooting peripherals. On your left is the Wii Zapper, and on the right is the GunCon 3. You decide which one looks more menacing, if anything.

Let's compare the similarities, shall we? Both have dual handles, both use one color (both non-threatening shades), and both employ pretty much the same holding format.

Differences? First off, the GunCon actually has the word "gun" in its name, as opposed to the Wii's Zapper, which is...well, it just sounds more futuristic. Aesthetically, one looks more like a real gun than the other. I'll let you figure that out on your own. And, of course, one has a wire straight to video input, while the other relies on the wireless functionality.

Can we lay to rest the whole "Wii-Zapper-will-teach-kids-how-to-shoot" and become more sensible about shooters? Thank you.
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