Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hey...at least it's not black. Or grey.

For those of you that are still waiting for Nintendo's faithful sequel to Duck Hunt, keep waiting. But, if you guys want a handle on their new Wii Zapper holster, it's out this week. Also out this week is Ghost Squad, just in case Link's Crossbow Training doesn't hold on its own.

Me? Well, this'll stay under the radar for now. The games are probably fun, of course...but I'd rather bite when there's a worthwhile game out...like probably when this hits stores. Or, they should just bring these games to the Wii.

On a side note, what's up with the whole Wii Zapper controversy? Why are people bent up on the accessory now, when it was much worse a few years back? What, can kids safely prance down the street waving around GunCons in the air as they go over to their friend's house to play some shooting game?? And you're worried they'll learn to shoot with this? Please...they probably got that down with their Super Soakers, Nerf guns, lazer tag arenas, carnival games, slingshots, rubberband rifles, etc. I bet you the people that worry the most are the parents that actually do own firearms. In the end, it's just bad parenting.
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