Thursday, November 8, 2007

More painful than brain freeze

Video games are, for the most part, well known to be instruments of entertainment - an "escape" from reality, if you will. In our younger years, it's another reason to sit in front of the TV; in our later years, it becomes much more, depending on what type of person we are. Some people turn to video games as a stress reliever. Others do it to achieve things that they would normally fail at in real life. And then there are those that rather play more than anything else.

Why am I getting all psychological all of a sudden? Maybe I'm trying to make up an excuse for not putting up a real post. Maybe there's nothing interesting in the gaming news for me to post.

Or maybe I'm trying to fill up a normally-game-filled post with something more insightful, more substantial than just a post about electronic devices built purely for the purpose of wasting our time.

Holy mind hurts. Gotta play more games...
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