Monday, November 26, 2007

Brains...brains...50% off...

Last Friday was the most intense Black Friday I have ever experienced.

First of all, never ever go to an outlet mall for Black Friday. Ever!! I've been to my fair share of Black Friday rush sales, but never have I seen such a scene as I did at midnight in an outlet mall. I should have brought a tape of zombie noises, or played some club music and hosted a rave. The crowds and ridiculously long lines were bad enough, but to drape everything in the dark just made the damn mall creepy and dangerous!

After an hour and a half trying to exit the freeway, and another half hour trying to park, my wife, brother and I finally stretched our legs and did some walking amongst the throngs of crazy shoppers. After about 2 hours of cold walks and long lines, we finally hit the road again for the hour-long trip back home. But not before hitting up the Best Buy at the end of that hour-long road trip. And after that, we hit the Circuit City nearby.

After a quick breakfast at McDonalds, we finally get back home around 9 am and went straight to bed.

The final outcome? Two PSP games for $20, Resident Evil 4 (Wii) for $20, and about $87 in DVD savings. Not bad for someone who survived the zombie-creating Black Friday.
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