Friday, March 21, 2008

The "Brawl Ban" is TKOed

For anyone that's interested in brawling online with me, here is my Brawl code:


Remember to post your own Brawl code in the comments, in order for us to view each other!

And speaking of Brawl, since the game's release, I've finally lifted the ban I self-imposed on viewing other gaming blogs. I swear, it's like taking a nice deep breath of fresh air all of a sudden.

Finally, as a closer to all my Brawl talk for the week, here are a few choice web comics glorifying the whole Super Smash Bros Brawl scene. Enjoy!

Requiem for a Rat
Snakes on a Link
Generation Gap
Kirby Hats
Going Online (yeah, not entirely about Smash Bros, but we all can relate...)
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