Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alternative controls for sore thumbs

When I first played Super Smash Bros Brawl, I decided to give the Wii the benefit of the doubt and try the Wii-mote to play the game. After a few frustrating attempts, I gave up and went back to my familiar GameCube controller. It wasn't until yesterday when I saw the potential of alternative controls.

Okay, I didn't really see potential; I just left my WaveBird controller at work, and had to fiddle with other controls at home. Seeing that I didn't want to experience the agony of just the Wii-mote, and the mere thought of using the nunchuk with Wii-mote frightens me, I went to my final choice - using the classic controller.

Originally, I bought this to play a couple of downloaded SNES games. Other than that, it hasn't received much use. After my first use in Brawl, however, it now feels more like GameCube controller 2.0. The analog feels softer, unlike the cheese-grater-like rings of the GameCube controller that can butcher a thumb after several hours of intense gameplay. And the buttons feel more new-age and slick. Add the fact that the classic controller is immensely lighter (compared to the WaveBird) and the customized control scheme in the game, and you have a very capable control alternative. In fact, I got so comfortable with the new controller that I was able to complete a few missions and play different modes longer!

So now, out of the 4 ways to play the game, I'm fine with 2, 3 if I include the Wii-mote. Actually, I don't really mind the use of the D-pad to control. I just wished they included that as a customizable feature as well. For some unknown reason, Nintendo figured that you could customized everything from attacking to shielding, but stops you when you want to change movement control. Probably the only stupidest thing in this game, if there ever is one.

I'm just glad I don't need to waggle to do anything.
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