Monday, September 24, 2007

The "classics," all in one classy controller

So I finally bought a classic controller. I wasn't doing too bad with just the Wiimote and a few NES titles, and the only N64 title I have I was just using the GameCube controller for. But, when it came down to getting Super Metroid (SNES), neither controller would cut it for me.

I guess this is as "Dual-shocky" as Nintendo will get, with its classic controller sporting the dual analogs side by side. Tried it out on Mario Kart 64, with decent results. It's more comfortable than playing with the GameCube controller, and it feels a bit more...well, classic. Still sucks that the Wiimote needs to be attached to it, but it's still not so bad.

But all in all, I'm looking forward to more SNES titles to come out. Any day now, Square Enix
...any day.
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