Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Then again, it's just a label...

That was fast. Super fast. I didn't even have time to miss it. And all the data seems to be back intact - didn't need to use my SD card backup to recover any losses. The only change is the different serial number on the bottom. Sorta like this Wii is my old one's evil twin, except this one has that one distinguishable flaw. And my old Wii is trapped somewhere in a jail, trying desperately to reason with its captors that he is not the one they're looking for, and that if they don't do something fast, his twin will get away with his evil scheme. But they don't believe him, and he gets beat up behind bars, while the evil one sits in front of me, snickering at how everything is going according to plan.

Great, now my Wii's evil. It's Wii-vil! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Eh, it's back. That's all that matters. That, and which game to play now: the old or the new.

In case you guys were wondering, my Wii went in for repairs last Friday, and just got back yesterday, Monday - a mere 4 days! (6, if you include the fact I shipped it last Wednesday)

Okay, yesterday was Tuesday, not Monday. So, it took 5 days, 7 with shipping. I'm stupid.
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