Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If video game reviews could talk...

Ever since Zero Punctuation started on the Escapist, I've been going to the site every Wednesday for Yahtzee's take on the, I mean video game of the week. It's a nice break from reading the same, boring, stuffy reviews I see everywhere. I'd even say it's constructive criticism...if you call ranting a video game review in a British accent for 5 minutes "constructive"...which I do.

I mean, the average web surfer (points to myself) takes collectively 5 minutes tops when reading a review, that's it. I really don't take the time to take in all the carefully edited text, with all its "overall" and "however" points...I read what I want, and then chuck it to the trash like moldy leftovers.

Zero Punctuation practically does it all for me, seasoned with English wit and vulgarity. And we all know when it comes to wit and vulgarity, British comedy is the best. Below is one about the console wars that I didn't noticed until today, but all of his reviews are worth watching at least once.

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