Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lumines? Lumines...

Okay, I feel I should provide a back story to this, so here it goes:

I bought a PSP when it came out so I could play Lumines. I bought Lumines. Loved playing Lumines. Played Lumines to death. Then played a little Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee. Then went back to playing Lumines. Wasn't interested in crop of games that came out, and played another system more. Much more. Traded PSP and games in for Xbox 360, and then returned the Xbox 360 because I realized I wouldn't have much time playing more games on a new system. The end.

Now that you know that, know that I am again interested in the new PSP slim.

Yes, it's lighter, has video out, and, yes, there are some games now that I'm interested in playing or obtaining. The question I ask myself now is, will I still be playing it after I buy it?

I think I'm a bit more confident that I'll give it more playtime now. That is, if I ever stop playing Lumines...

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