Monday, September 10, 2007

Nursing my bruised video-game ego

Fixed that missing pic in the post below. Don't know why it disappeared, but it's back again.

Remember the Persona 3 drama a week ago, where I suffered some online-store bullshit, resulting in my order cancellation and surrendering to EB Games? Welcome to part 2 of this interesting saga.

So, I got wind of some coupon at K-Mart for $10 off $50 for the weekend, so I quickly jumped all over it on Saturday, buying a game that I won't be playing for a while. During the purchase, I noticed another copy of Persona 3 lying in the shelf, and the "money-saving" gears in my head begin to churn. Sunday, I returned to pick up Persona 3 for $10 off, and proceed to go back to EB with my K-Mart copy and EB receipt, all ready to seal off my money-saving scheme.

I go up to the female clerk to return the game, who promptly asks, "awww, why are you returning this game? It's soooooo good."

Now I know the whole motto of "the customer's always right," but I still feel bad for returning goods. Like I'm somehow hurting the store's "feelings." Which is silly, because they'll sell your used games faster than their own souls. However, the earnest and somewhat endearing delivery from the female clerk irked the "oh crap, I made a woman upset" feeling in me, to which I replied "um...because, need the money now, and...I'll buy it again later when I can."

Which was true - in the lamest and simplest terms. Man, the things I'll say just to get $10 back.

"Oh, okay. The game's really good..."

(Here we go. Yeah, I heard. Will probably play it later tonight with my other copy.)

"...And these games are so hard to find now..."

(Yes, yes...Atlus games are notorious for making short supplies of their games. I know, I know...)

"...Right now, I'm trying to find Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, since it's out of print, and is selling on eBay for up to $150..."

(Uh-huh, yeah I...) What??

"Yeah, it's so hard to find..."

At this point, I'm still thinking "$150" when the manager came out to finish the refund, since the girl had some trouble. Soon enough, he gave my refund, and I began to wander away from the register when I heard the next customer ask, "hi, do you have anymore copies of Persona 3 in stock?"

Surprised by the coincidence, I turned around.

"Actually," the manager says, "we just happened to have a copy here. This man (gestures to me) returned this copy just now."

The woman (probably in her teens), quickly whipped 180 degrees to me, and, with her shoulders shrugged and hands in the air, exclaimed, "Why didja returned it," asking as if I just kicked a kitten 20 yards for a field goal and spiking the dead feline while doing a victory dance.

Feeling cornered, I uttered, " friend got me the game for cheaper, actually..."

"Oh...okay." And she turned back around.

In the end, I came out $10 richer - at the expense of a Persona 3 mental gang beating.
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