Thursday, September 27, 2007

Next-next-next-next-next gen consoles

Never before has the progress of technology screwed people over as much as this year alone. It's roughly assumed that technology nowadays can become obsolete at an average of six months, and this generation's console wars is no exception. Now, more than ever, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony want all your video game bucks, and anything goes.

But, what's going on with these new console releases? There's paperwork proof that a new PS3 model may exist for future sales, and some rumors of a new Xbox 360 system coming out by Christmas? Are they trying to annoy us? Well, if they are...mission accomplished, assholes.

So what's the count now? Sony has had four unique systems (20GB, 60GB, 80GB, and the upcoming 40GB), and Xbox 360 has five (Core, the upcoming Core HDMI, Professional, Professional HDMI, and the Elite). And here I thought releasing two different systems at launch was ridiculous enough.

The whole "different-flavor-of-the-month" systems gave me a spin when I was contemplating an Xbox 360 purchase. When I wanted one, the Elite came out. While I was figuring out what the hell "HDMI" was, The Professional system with HDMI came out. Before I consider a purchase, are you done yet, Microsoft? Are you sure?

In the end, they're just making enhanced clones of their own systems and selling them under the same name. Which is absolutely brilliant on their part. Why, you ask? Because then they can claim that their system sold X million units, when actually it's the sum of sales from each different sku. Are the people with Core 360 systems and 20GB PS3s pissed? Probably. Did they sell their systems to get money to buy a better one? I wouldn't put it past them. Was this figured into final sales? You bet your bippy it did.

And what are the differences? Disk space? Different ports? Couldn't they just release some base system and sell add-ons? I would've bought regular hard drive expansions if given the option, or perhaps an extra adapter to use different cables. At least I'll have the ability to control where my money's going, instead of investing it all in one lump sum toward one of four different consoles.

Nintendo has only one Wii out, which is doing great all on its own. The problem, though, is that it lacks the cool accessories that can push its competition level up to the big a USB keyboard, or external USB hard drive compatibility.

All bitching aside, I just want a new console. Is that too much to ask?

Note: Sorry for today's image. I sorta took out the frustration from this post on the picture.
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