Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A "novel" theory

Well, my Wii is finally going on its trip to be repaired. I pray for its safety during its week-long absence, but at the same time it'll free up some time to play catch-up with my other games. Okami will be done this week (if I can stop the side quests), and then I'll have to finish up Rogue Galaxy's story, which I've played fairly close to the end but then got left behind in the new-game dust. And I've got it all planned out when my Wii returns, with a return to Super Paper Mario to complete, then I'll go start Metroid Prime 3.

I mean, these games are good enough to play through completely in one sitting, but with all the games that come out, I tend to lose my concentration and then play the next big thing. One analogy I relate playing video games is that it's like, ironically, reading good books. Which makes sense, since I almost do the same things with books. Then I can say reading good books is akin to playing video games. This, therefore, can be declared a "Circle of Life" of sorts - if life consisted of only playing video games and reading good books.

Now, I can spew a whole analysis of the similarities and differences, but I'm not. I mean, it's not that hard to understand. I read a good book, reach a slow part of the story, then get tired of reading it; I play a good game, reach a slow part of the story, then get tired of playing it.

On the other spectrum, I've only read up to Douglas Adam's second book of his "Hitchhiker" series, partially read some Agatha Christie novels, and only read part of the first chapter of Bruce Campbell's "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way."

However, when you finish a game/book, you feel better, no matter what. It's the sense of immediate satisfaction and accomplishment when you see the credits rolls or read that last page. I'm proud to say I've completed Beyond Good and Evil back in the day before it got its status as a "must play if you haven't already" game. I also completely read "Timeline" before its movie cherry was popped and violated by this man. Believe me, the books a much more interesting read than whatever the movie portrayed it as. Oh, and did I mentioned that I have never, nor will ever, watched the movie adaptation?

Oh yeah, and books about video games, or video games about books? My head already hurts now, and I don't wanna start.
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