Thursday, September 6, 2007

Second chances

Well, in one fell swoop, Okami's complete and off the list. The final battles were pretty nice, and the format made me happy to have finally finished the game. But after the final credits rolled past, the game unveiled a final task that most games now employ - the opportunity to play again.

Now, you'd think that, for a game that I played a lot then took a long break then came back to it only to clock in another 27 more hours into it (yeah, side quests), I'd be like "WTF???!?! Are you kidding me?? I'm finally done, you bitch!!!" But then the wave of unlocked stuff came pouring on the screen, sorta like the game saying "c'mon, if you play, I'll give you these goodies." Then I'll be like "but you lost your luster at one time," and then the game says "I'll let you start with 75% maximum health, all previous items, and your side quests intact."

"You had me at 'goodies'..." *tear*

So I started a new game with my new shiny save slot (new games+ are distinguished by different colors), and then began on familiar territory. And since it's my second time through, I'm skipping through all cut scenes and kicking monster ass in record time. "Wow," I thought, "this is gonna be a breeze to play again!"

...wait a minute...

You tired me out with your large maps, bored me with countless side quests, and percentaged me to death on every little item you can collect.

Sorry, Okami - now it's my time to turn you off.

(Runs into the open arms of Rogue Galaxy)

Did you miss me?
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