Friday, September 21, 2007

The "MySims" Show

I've never been much of a fan for The Sims. The idea of wasting your life playing a game about making a life is, by my standards, the very definition of irony. A second definition of the word can be found here, too...aside from their weird variations for living.

I mean, if you're gonna play a game where your character interacts with a community of other similar characters, it's more relaxing when it's something not quite so realistic. From certain popular MMORPGs to odd, candy-filled towns, people enjoy it more when it's something that they can say "what if" instead of "hey, that's me playing on the computer!"

EA took a page from Animal Crossing this time around, though, and made MySims for the Wii. The major draw from this game has got to be the "super-deformed" characters that walk around. Sure, they're suppose to be humans, but we take it less seriously when they're "super-deformed." Like Verne Troyer.

The one thing I wished they implemented was online support. How could they release a Sims game without online support? I would've enjoyed visiting other people's towns and hung around, or the very least offer some sending of presents to other characters on other Wiis. Instead, your character's stuck living by himself, talking with pre-set neighbors. Where have I seen this before?
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