Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"As the PS3 Turns"

Well, it looks like the system's back in stock. But, then again, it did say it was "backordered," to which they did the extraordinary and restocked it so it wasn't backordered anymore. Wow...it must be an internet first for an online store to replenish their inventory when all there units were depleted.

C'mon, Sony. I won't believe it's sold out unless you put a big, fat sign on your front page saying you're completely out, and then remove the listing from your store altogether. I bet that it wasn't even sold out, and that it was a cheap ploy to make people think they have a shorter time to grab a cheap system (albeit still expensive).

And the rumors that the newer system is predicted to go the same way doesn't help. I'm sure it will in sales, but in terms of integrity (which was lost a long time ago), it bears an ill wind.

This feels like a bad morning soap opera, and Sony's their own evil twin.
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