Thursday, May 8, 2008

Zero Punctuation special: Mailbag Showdown

Hey guys! Yesterday was too lazy, so I'm not so proud to bring you a "Lazy Thursday" today with Yahtzee's critique - the people who wouldn't shut up about Super Smash Bros Brawl. I love the game, despite any bad reviews I've read on it. And when I mean "bad," I mean the ones that don't know how to write and bash it from a fanboy's standpoint. There's plenty of good reviews out there that point out the flaws of the game in a critical but informative manner, and Yahtzee's one of those reviewers. I mean, one of the things that makes him good is that he never uses a scoring system - something I believe is terrible and should not be relied on. I mean, really...when was the last time you asked someone for their opinions on a game, and then, when they're done, asked, "So, out of a 10, what score would you give it?" People who think he needs one misses the point of his video reviews completely, and it saddens me when Yahtzee (in this week's entry) had to explain himself on why he omits numerical scoring.

Okay, rant's over. Check out the obviously NSFW video below, and stop bugging him to review certain games. He has a job where people already tell him what to review; he doesn't need suggestions from people that don't sign his paycheck.
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