Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Maintaining game focus and not being lost in the sea of monotony

With the variety of games that come out every week, it's no surprise that people never finish these games at all. So to really commit oneself to see a game through to the end means you have to sacrifice playing many other games in your library or on release. Some may shrug the challenge off with blind courage and boast that they can multi-task many games at once, but more often than naught will only half-ass all attempted games. I was once one of these people, but not anymore.

I dunno...maybe it's the short attention span people tend to exhibit when a ton of great games comes out, or maybe it's the relatively short jolt of excitement one aspect of a game's gameplay gives us that makes us wonder whether or not we'll enjoy doing this for another 20-30 hours.

Or maybe the games are becoming more and more bland that we've become numb to anything that appears to be remotely similar to each other in every possible way.

Chalk it up to me becoming an older and wiser gamer, but for my leisure time I've only got room for a couple of games at once. If that's the case, might as well finish them while I'm focused...right?
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