Tuesday, July 15, 2008

These are games, not daytime soap operas...

"Loyalty" is too strong a word to use among gamers. Way too strong. Sure, people have their followings and groups where they can discuss their favorite all-time games, or discuss new tactics to bring to the online front for the next big FPS game...but being "loyal" to games or gamers? That's just pushing it to a dangerously-dedicated level.

Let's take Mega Man 9 from Capcom, for example. This is a game that seems to have mixed receptions on not only what platforms it is being released at (last I reported, it was WiiWare exclusive, but in fact it's for all three console platforms - don't feel like making a third post about incorrect news), but on its use of retro graphics for a completely new game. First of all, you have the console "loyalists" who believe that the game should have been for all consoles from the start (when it was initially announced for WiiWare only), deeming it unfair to others who do not have a Wii. Secondly, you have people crying about its graphics, feeling that it should look all nice and shiny if it's a completely new game.

Then, more recently, SquareEnix announces that Final Fantasy XIII will now be released on the XBox 360 as well. Again, console "loyalists" cried foul, saying that it should be exclusive to just one system instead of going multi-platform. Others felt that SquareEnix "betrayed" (yet another strong word) their fans by "selling out" to Microsoft and their monopolistic demands. Some fanboys (normally a term I want to dissolve, but in this case highly appropriate) have openly expressed their frustration and hatred toward this bit of news, up to the extent of boycotting their products.

But...won't you guys be still playing these games when they come out?

In my quest to become an ideal gamer, becoming unbiased towards any console system is a constant exercise in self-discipline. Way back in August 2007 when I started this blog, I didn't own a PS3 or XBox 360, but I never said I absolutely abhorred them; I just never saw any games I was intensely interested to warrant a purchase. Recently, I purchased a PS3 because I wanted to acquire Disgaea 3, which would come out later this year, as well as dive into Metal Gear Solid 4. I didn't get the system so I could watch Blu-Rays, or play my MP3s on it - I got it for the games, and I think that reason got lost somewhere in this generation of video game consoles.

I admit, most of my posts over the months have been on Wii titles, but that's only because I found most of their games highly entertaining - as should any gamer would agree. Over the months, my queue has increased towards more DS and PSP games, and now the PS3 - all of which have been game-driven. If I were a "console-whore," I would've wasted money on all systems, with no games to really justify my empty wallet - and no games would not make me a happy gamer. There's a reason why I called my blog Gameritis, y'know...

To those complaining about Mega Man 9: Capcom distinctly said the retro style was for its fans. If you don't like it, then you're obviously not in that category, so don't get the game.

To those complaining about FF XIII being released on XBox 350 as well: The game is still coming out on PS3. It shouldn't matter to you that they're also releasing on another console. I'd be more angry if the game actually moved from PS3 to 360. Then I'd be pissed. And to everyone that keeps saying "What if Zelda were on the 360?" - SquareEnix is not a console system developer, so that argument has no pull.

To people from both arguing parties: You can't deny the fact that by catering to a larger audience, company profits are more likely to increase. In other words, Capcom and SquareEnix like money. Don't you?

If you guys play the games regardless of all the video game politics, isn't that all that matters? There is no "loyalty," no "betrayal," and even no "hardcore" among players. Just a lot of gamers who enjoy playing games.

And if you don't like it? Well, you can always turn off your console.
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