Tuesday, July 1, 2008

UPDATE - MegaMan 9 confirmed ONLY for WiiWare

Boy, someone at Capcom needs to get their PR straightened up. Now they're staying it's only for WiiWare, not for all three consoles. Doesn't matter to me, since I'll be eagerly waiting with my Wii.

But what I don't get are the people that are bitching that it's only for WiiWare. If you're complaining, then either you don't have a Wii to care, or you believe that you can't live without awards and achievements. Can't people be happy just for the mere fact that it's a brand-new game coming out to reflect the fans of the series? What happened to playing the game and not caring where it is? This is almost as silly as the Bioshock PS3 talk or the Resident Evil 4 porting. Grow up, people!
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