Monday, June 30, 2008

Metal Gear Solid...finished!

The second game finished over the weekend was Metal Gear Solid.

Yes, you heard me...Metal Gear Solid. The PlayStation version. Released 10 years ago.

By a friend's recommendation, I've decided to play my way through the first 3 games before I pop open Metal Gear Solid 4...and I have to say, the game ages quite well. Sure, the graphics are 10 years old, and the movement is still reliant on the D-pad. But the great story telling and long cut scenes are still there, albeit looking like digital versions of Robot Chicken clips with their nodding heads and figure-like gestures and movements.

The reason I never really got through the first game when it game out was that I was paranoid - paranoid at how potentially good the AI in the game was for detecting me. It's a stealth game, after all, and I naturally assumed that if they're squarely in front of me 300 feet away, they'd still see my silhouette and detect me instantly. And I stopped playing before I realized that their scope of vision was limited to their cone on the radar. Stupid me.

But now that I finished the first game, I have a more detailed background on the characters involved, and now one step closer to finally playing the fourth installment.
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