Monday, June 2, 2008

Back from Japan!

Sorry for the long delay, but I'm finally back from Japan and I think all my jet lag has passed through my system. All in all, my third trip to the Land of the Rising Sun brought some goods and bads to my life:


-Saw Shibuya with a closer eye, recognizing all familiar scenes from The World Ends With You.
-Got to check out the Tsukiji Fish Market, and ate at one of the restaurants nearby.
-Ate at a traditional ramen cart (take that, Yoshinoya!).
-Scored a copy of the Club-Nintendo-exclusive Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack.
-Bought a white GameCube controller with its extra-long cord.
-Grabbed a paddle controller attachment for my DS, since they're so damn hard to find.
-Bought Milestone Shooter Collection for the Wii (though can't seem to get it working with my Freeloader).


-Lost my digital camera, along with the pictures I took of Shibuya (truly sucks).
-Rained one day, directly in the middle of the trip.
-Humidity worked its dehydrating magic on all of us.
-Hotel smelled like wet Play-Doh.
-Suffered through a 50-minute train delay after a long day of walking.
-Realized halfway during the trip where the internet room was.
-Never found Super Potato, nor directions on where it was located.

There's a bunch more goods and bads, but those were the most prominent ones I remember. All in all, the trip was still a relaxing one, and has satisfied my Japanese need for now. I think the one thing that still burns me up was the whole "lost camera" incident. I mean, I took a lot of good Shibuya pictures, and was ready to write an entire post on the comparisons between the game's locations and its real-life counterparts from a first-hand experience, but all of that was lost. And despite going back to the scene of the crime 2-3 times over and checking with Information (I learned to say "Digital Camera-o nakushita," which means "I lost my digital camera" from their books department), I never found it. Maybe some tourist stole it, because I still would like to believe that Japanese people are more honest and would've turned it in.

Okay, enough of that. There's a ton of news I missed out, so I gotta get cracking on posts!
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