Monday, June 30, 2008

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney...finished!

Today's a double-whammy as I complete two...count 'em, two games over the weekend! The first of these is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. After quite a lengthy final case, the fourth installment of this series (first for the Apollo series), for me, took off on a great start. Sure, the addition of a new interface to find out liars is a little out there, but the storytelling is still top-notch. It's also a bummer to see Phoenix Wright step down from the Defense podium, but he has had a decent run on the first trilogy, and has now earned the rightful place as mentor for the next generation of defense attorney.

Here's hoping the next Apollo series delivers more on compelling cases, quirky witnesses, and more answers to the questions brought up at the end of this fine game.
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