Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Freeloader not working with Wii update v3.3

So the latest Wii update's true purpose beneath the transfer of Miis to the Mii Parade (seriously?) is to disable the Freeloader and Twilight Princess hack, huh? I can't say that I'm too pleased, being a Freeloader owner myself and having just recently purchased Milestone Shooter Collection from Japan not too long ago. But then again, Nintendo's only doing their job.

What I find really amusing is how people are hating Nintendo for doing this, and are ready to sell their Wiis and not standing by Nintendo. Why? Did Nintendo create a name for itself purely through hackable hardware and copied games? Because if they entered the business doing that, and then pulled a 180, then I understand the frustration.

But we're talking about a company that has created fun and challenging games for many years; a company that has created so many iconic video game characters that are recognized worldwide. So they're telling me that they would dismiss all of this because they don't want people hacking their system?

Oh sure, there's the argument for playing import games as well, me included. But if you're a true gamer, you'd find other ways to play these games. For me, I'd just find another person who hasn't updated their Wii and play on their system. It's not terribly troublesome if you're only the seasonal importer that has 1-2 games. Hell, I have 4 import PS2 games, but no way of playing them. I'm not disappointed or anything - I'm just hopeful that one day I will, but I'm not aching for lack of playing them.

Plus, from what I hear, Datel supposedly claimed to replace Freeloader disks if an update happens to block out the disk. So we'll see if Datel follows up on this claim, but in the meantime, all import purchases will have to be on hold.

And please...if you're really leaving Nintendo for such a ridiculous reason, please sell your Wii to a true Nintendo fan and just leave already.
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