Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Leaving some space for Dead Space

After summoning up all my courage to start the game, I finally played a little bit of Dead Space over the weekend. To be honest, the game wasn't as scary as I had initially pictured it in my head, partly because I was playing it in the afternoon while there was still daylight. Of course, I've only completed past the first chapter and halfway through the second before my head got popped off like a lego head...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Basically, my mindset when I started the game was that I'm stuck in a haunted house, and I need to get the fuck out. Incidentally, this is exactly how I behave in a real-life haunted house at those amusement parks and such - once I'm inside, I'm already looking for a way out. Like a haunted house, there are certain scenes and rooms that you'll encounter where often times you can do nothing but witness the demise of survivors right before your very eyes.

Then there's the common flickering lights scare, the "was that a shadow that just passed by in front of my eyes" moment, and the obligatory lead-pipe-dropping-in-the-distance. And this is all within the small amount of time I spent playing it at my friend's place.

While I've categorized this game high on the "fear" factor, so far it's not as mind-jarring as I anticipated. Having said that, I'm willing to cough up the money to see it through to the end, even perhaps through the Halloween holiday to beef up the scare factor. And that's something that will be a first in my book.
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